My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing My philosophy of nursing has developed and evolved over my career as a nurse from taking care of just the patient to a more holistic approach that fosters hope and includes caring for the entire family unit while placing the patient at the center of care. I believe that all people are important no matter their culture, station, or religious background. Patient care affects not just the individual patient. It affects everyone around the patient including the society in which they live. Nurses should practice with compassion, respect, and dignity while being the patient’s advocate and maintaining competency within their scope of practice. My philosophy has been influenced by the Quality Care Model, personal values, historical nursing figures, and my personal experiences with nurses. Even one nurse can make a difference. Personal Experiences with Nurses At the end of a busy day, my father calls and says that my mother is very sick. She had been in the hospital for intravenous fluids. I could tell by his tone of voice that something was gravely wrong. I rushed to the hospital to find my mother barely able to breathe. Her nurse was racing to control her breathing while giving her a diuretic. My mother is a very small person and the nurse had ascertained the fact that she was given too much fluid. She was in fluid overload. Her nurse had just saved my mother’s life. All the while, he was able to comfort my father and reassure me. He
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