My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Introduction In this paper, famous philosophies and my personal nursing philosophy are presented, including personal definitions of the four phenomena of nursing which includes the person, environment, health, and nursing. A Philosophy’s distinctive contribution comes in the education of nurses and teachers and in the development of nursing theory and research. More importantly, philosophy strongly affects the formulation of personal values which underlines all undertakings of a nurse in the practice of his/her profession (Meehan, 2012). My personal philosophy of nursing is to attain an exceptional nursing practice and the ability to decrease the cases of unresponsive and incompetent practice. This also serves as my career guide, which will aid in giving meaningful direction. Furthermore, it has been claimed that a philosophy can close the relevance gap between nursing practice and nursing science and help in gasping knowledge regarding patients, their environment, the workplace, and health and wellness (Meehan, 2012). Cherie, Mekonen, and Shimelse (2009) define philosophies of nursing as “statements of beliefs about nursing and expressions of values in nursing that are used as bases for thinking and acting”. These can also be defined as a set of general beliefs and values that direct an individual and his or her behavior in life particularly, in achieving certain goals. Philosophies also serve as guidelines in peoples’ actions, may it be in their personal or professional
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