My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing As a professional nurse, my personal philosophy of nursing is based on the core belief that all individuals possess unique characteristics and needs. Each person is the product of their own personal growth through learning and experience, resulting in individual and unique cultural, spiritual and developmental dimensions. Nursing is a dynamic, helping, healing and caring process. It employs the unique application of knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life. Nursing is unique in its ability to provide a comprehensive and compassionate view of the health needs of every patient. The professional nurse promotes collaboration with the entire health care team and utilizes all available resources for the benefit of the client. I believe that the following values should guide the practice of nursing and provide the basis for the formulation of a philosophy of nursing; • When making decisions about an individual nurse 's scope of practice, the first and foremost considerations are the best interests of the patient, and the importance of promoting and maintaining the highest quality of health services. • Nursing care should be delivered in a way that respects the uniqueness and dignity of each patient regardless of culture, ethnicity or religion. • The therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient is fundamental to nursing practice, and is based on trust, understanding, compassion, and support. It
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