My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Every individual typically holds a personal philosophy about life which includes beliefs and values that help shape our choices and lead us to specific life path or in a certain direction. Very similarly every nurse has a philosophy about nursing and their career. Every nurse has guidelines that they choose to follow and motives for why certain choices are made. In order to develop a philosophy of nursing a nurse must reflect on the characteristics that they abide by and by which they base their nursing care. A nursing philosophy defines the motives behind why the nurse puts their heart and soul into their career. A personal nursing philosophy produces an individual viewpoint for nursing care, research, and education (Hood, 2014). In order to have a personal philosophy or a nursing philosophy, a nurse needs to understand themselves. Not one philosophy is permanent, right, or wrong and a personal philosophy is subject to change at any time (Hood, 2014). The Beginning For me nursing was not something that I initially intended to do as a career. During elementary school and into high school I contemplated many different career paths such as cosmetology, teaching, psychology, and forensics. It was not till the later years of high school that I started to notice my desire to help other individuals and love of science, health, and different disease processes. My desire to help people has originated from the admiration of my grandfather’s
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