My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

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I am from China and I have been in the United States for over ten years. I developed interest in nursing the main reason is the superior nursing care to my family member offered by the US hospitals. My personal philosophy is universal provision of health-care despite one’s background. As a nurse, one is responsible to offer professional services in any environment. I defined person, environment, health and nursing. My four personal philosophy concepts include competence, accountability, compassion and caring. Nursing philosophy is important because of practice, education, administration and research purposes.
It is very important for individuals to have their social, economic, and political philosophies because of its role in propelling an individual. Nursing have philosophy that makes nurses play their roles effectively and ensure that the safety of the public is maintained and also provide good care to each patient. In this paper, I am going to discuss my nursing philosophy through highlighting my background and what propels my nursing philosophy. I will then define nursing paradigm person, environment, health, and nursing; concepts of personal philosophy, and the importance of nursing philosophy.
I developed interested in becoming a nurse by three factors. First, I am from China and I have lived in the United States for the last ten years. The health care provision in the US is superior to that provided in China. When my family member was
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