My Personal Philosophy Of Philosophy

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Everyone has a different way of thinking and reasoning. In my studies I have learned that philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality, and human existence. Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I agree with this statement, because I believe any intellectual person must question the world around them. Questioning different aspects of life is a vital way to gain knowledge. During my search for knowledge, I began to develop my own personal philosophy. Our philosophies are largely based off of our perceptions of the world around us. My philosophy of life is shaped by my experiences, morals, and reasoning skills. Two major opposing philosophical beliefs are rationalism and empiricism. Rationalism is the idea that through unaided reason we can come to know the truth. Parmenides, a pre-Socratic philosopher, was considered to be the first rationalist. He believed that everything that we think exists in this world is merely an illusion. Empiricists reject this view and believe that our knowledge comes from sense experience alone. I consider myself to be a rationalist. In my life I have often used my powers of deduction to determine truths about the world. For example, while watching a magic show I can observe with my senses that a person was sawed in half or has disappeared. However through reasoning I am able to conclude that this is only a magic trick or an illusion, not a reality. If I relied solely on my sense experience I would be unable to learn
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