My Personal Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education For me, the decision to become a teacher is more of a way of life than a career. I have always loved school, practicing at being school marm from a young age, and voraciously devouring every shred of education offered me in my career as a student. If it were possible, I would be a student for the rest of my life. And then I still would not have learned enough. As a teacher, I hope to instill this appetite for knowledge in secondary students. They are, after all, the future leaders of the world, and what better place to expand the minds of the generations to come than here in Appalachia where education programs, especially the sciences, which I plan to teach, are poorly funded and children’s dreams…show more content…
I want to know my students. This way I can tailor my teaching methods to the specific needs of my students and class. This is also helpful in resolving discipline problems, which I anticipate to be few and far between. I will do everything in my power to resolve problems within my classroom, using the principal’s office and the administration as a last resort. Students respect a teacher who respects them in return. This approach allows a teacher to get to the heart of a student’s problems without involving outside forces that may alienate the child. As a science, and more specifically biology, teacher, pragmatism also appeals to me for its emphasis on the scientific method, search for truth, and integrated approach toward curriculum. More importantly however, pragmatism launched the educational theories of experimentalism and progressivism, both of which I subscribe to. Experimentalism is a movement that emphasizes first-hand experience over purely textbook learning. As a biology teacher, this is something I feel is integral to the success of my class’s education. Lessons should explore the connections between natural phenomena, prompting a larger point of view. The lessons should also be relevant to the students and promote both cooperation and competition. Progressivism is very similar to experimentalism in that it too stresses cooperative learning. This theory also emphasizes minimal classroom rules and liberal
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