My Personal Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

Education is the process of learning that can take place anywhere and at any time. I believe that creativity and activity as well as books and lessons are essential to the learning process. As a teacher, I hope to instill in the children a sense of knowledge and self-worth that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Education is important not only to maintain daily life, but also to become someone who contributes to society. Without education people have no chance to impact the lives of others in their own community. I want to give the children I teach a chance to give back to their community and society.

Although ethics and morals are constantly being
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Wanting to become a kindergarten teacher, I strongly believe in the value of good elementary schools. I think the emphasis of the curriculum should be on the four major subjects: language, math, science, and social studies. The extras, computer, art, music, and physical education, should be taught as well, but without the strong emphasis. I believe this because I have seen many students in high schools that cannot recall basic knowledge in the major subjects because either they were not taught it or it was not emphasized to the extent needed to remember it.

In terms of philosophy, I feel I benefit most from the pragmatic approach to teaching. This approach states that teachers feel the classroom is a community of learners, not just a teacher standing in front of a group of students. I believe this is true because it is my opinion that if the teacher is learning and exploring along with the students, the students are more likely to be involved and interested in what is being taught. I also believe the strategies of teaching by problem solving and encouraging democratic procedures are the most profitable in today’s society. My beliefs in student involved activities, emphasis of curriculum, and democratic classroom management are all part of the pragmatic approach.

My plans are to become an early education teacher. Preferably pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, or first grade teacher. I will always be a kid
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