My Personal Position On Spiritual Discernment

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The subject of spiritual discernment was researched and applied to my own life. First, my personal position was formed through discussing the decision-making factors that were the most important through the use of a survey. From there, the approach that I would most likely implement in my life was shared with the support of personal experience and research. Next, I discussed the past and present elements that influenced my approach to spiritual discernment. These elements included my religious upbringing, past experiences, and my current religious beliefs. In conclusion, an example of how I would, as a career counselor, assist a young college student in guiding her through a struggle was explored, including how my personal position may influence how I approach the client’s concerns, as well as, describing a strategy that would safeguard the client from my either projecting or imposing my personal position, values or approach to spiritual discernment onto her. Personal Position on Spiritual Discernment There are a variety of approaches to spiritual discernment. My personal position and which approach that I will most likely follow is identified. Are there past and present factors that have significantly influenced my means of arriving to spiritual discernment? An exploration of my past experiences and past and current religious beliefs will be made in order to answer these questions. In addition, practical application on how to assist a client with her
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