My Personal Project : Psychological Effects And A Visual Representation Of The Parent And The Child

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The Goal In my personal project, I thought of the idea of creating a film which shows a visual representation of abuse in a household. I have made a script for my film. I chose the psychological effects of abuse and how it could continue to become a cycle between the parent and the child. My script includes the psychological effects and a visual representation of an abusive environment. These topics interest me, as it involves psychological effects on the human brain. At first I was going to do a report over the psychological effects about traumatic experiences, like PTSD and topics similar to that. I chose this topic, because I realized many children can’t accomplish their dreams because of their situation in their home. My personal connection is the realization of me becoming like my mother. The logical reason for that Is because she is influential in my life. I applied that to when I saw the statistics of prison inmates and their home environments. The step I am taking to complete the project is researching my topics and articles relating to my project. I met up with my mentor to make sure that It looks alright and to finalize my script. I investigated statistics and relations between felons and childhood abuse. Also I researched the psychological effects of childhood abuse. I will know that I am successful in my project when I have complete making the film. My mentor helped me by recommending me information that I could include in my script.
To achieve my goal I…
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