My Personal Reflection

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Personal characteristics We took numerous fascinating surveys during the course, however the Values in Action (Via) helped me clarifying my strengths and weakness. Among my top 5 strengths from the survey, I strong believe that honesty, creativity, humor, perspective and kindness are my core leadership style. Those are explained below: • Honesty: I act as a genuine person, I do not have problems being sincere and taking responsibilities for my actions or from my team performance/ behavior. • Creativity: I push myself to think outside the box even for small tasks, making process or activities faster and easier, it is a pleasure for me. I use creativity to keep myself motivated as well, increasing my self-esteem proportionally. • Humor: I can recognize people mood quite easily, so I use humor to cheer people around me up. I do not care being silly or joking about myself, so that I do not risk hurting someone feelings. Getting a big smile when someone is upset is a personal and daily goal. • Perspective: I am always open for a conversation about anything, even for employee issue. I think that the humor helps people do not being afraid or avoiding taking with me, it actually helps people look for talking with me as the issue appear, and then I can help them narrow down the options and find a solution. • Kindness: This strength I think as a result from having humor and providing perspective. As people can easily talk to me, I try to help them finding some solutions for their issues, I also will offer myself to do favors to guarantee that this individual will achieve the solution and stabilize their lives back. Self-awareness Honestly, I have never heard about Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) before taking this class. It was honored to take the course Responsibility and Integrity that provided learning more about the respect no just to employees, but also overseeing all stakeholders involved. As a result of it, a solid business can be built by engaging people and making the right actions have been taken toward the society expectation. As my group and I presented, Dell CSR is a perfect example of how a company should treat all stakeholders. Dell succeed already identifying its stakeholders and taking actions
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