My Personal Reflection

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Learning is a universal aspect of everyday life; a fundamental development that changes through an individual’s life span. However, every individual learns in different ways throughout their life. I believed learning was standardized, and if someone was not learning at the same pace, they were not trying hard enough or they had some sort of learning disability. I have gone through my life thinking I just did not learn fast enough and/or perhaps I had a learning disability. With that in mind, it is something that impeded me from growing intellectually for many, many years, and is still omnipresent. As I read through my results from the Solomon-Felder Index of Learning Styles questionnaire, I reflected to my early school years and how useful this information would have been. To summarize my results, I have a very strong preference in two dimensions; Active and Global. I scored a seven in Active, which suggest that I learn easier in environments that will engage in active activities, for example, class group activities, and hands on applications of what was taught. In addition, I prefer to jump right in to projects/activities and see how things turn out. However, depending on the situation, I do find myself being a Reflective learner with personal situations outside of class. On the other hand, I scored an eleven in Global dimension. As I read the Global dimension definition, it was like music to my ears, “suddenly…getting it after being lost in the details.” It has
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