My Personal Relationship With The Lord Jesus Christ

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I knew without a shadow of a doubt from a young age that God exists. I was blessed with a Christian family and grew up learning from my parents, my pastor and my church family, the biblical truths that shape my life. My personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ began at age seven and my journey to know Him better continues every day. I cannot imagine my life without God, and without God my principles would be very shallow. The choice to live for the Lord and base my decisions on His plan and His desires for me is my deepest, most fundamental principle. Certainly, all of my core principles are based on my faith.
I try to serve the Lord in many ways and keep my faith genuine each day. At my church, I enjoy teaching Sunday School, being on the drama team and helping in Children’s Church. I also volunteered at a Christian camp and served on their Sweat Team and Service Crew. I attended camp there for a total of 12 years. It was a blessing to me and in my small way, I wanted to give something back. When I read my Bible, I learn more each day about the kind of person God wants me to be; a person of integrity, honesty and optimism. Integrity, honesty and optimism; these are principles that I try to manifest in my life. Being an honest man and a man of integrity means doing the right things even when it may be easier to do the wrong things; like skipping class to play video games and telling the teacher the next day you were sick. My honesty and integrity are…
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