My Personal Rules for Success in College and Life

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Journal Entry 21 My Personal Rules for Success in College and Life. I always have concrete goals. I hunt for goals. I hunt for success. I hunt for achievements. I work hard. I welcome challenges. I learn from challenges. I learn from others. I read a lot. I write a lot I follow a to-do list and my schedules. I maintain a balance between work and study. I show up to classes and meetings in time. I participate and ask questions in class. I participate in extracurricular activities. I always work on my weaknesses. I allocate time for leisure. I maintain a healthy life-style. I maintain close relationship with my family and friends. I strive for best. While I gathered this list from the top of my head, thinking about rules that I want to follow and believe will help me achieve success in college and life, it is hard for me to pick a few that I would consider most important. All of them are important, in one way or another. In my case, choosing the most challenging ones as the most important would probably be a wise decision. I am at ease with certain rules listed here and I believe I will spontaneously continue to follow those rules. Some rules, however, are harder to follow for me right now, so my future success may depend on being able to follow those rules. I am at ease with such rules as maintaining close relationships with my family and friends, striving for best, having specific goals in my life, being in time for classes and
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