My Personal Self Assessment

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The self-assessment I chose to do was on online team roles preferences self assessment. They had one in the book, Chapter 8 on pages 259-260. I prefer to do the online assessment. This one came from a website called Pscyh Test. The url is /testid/3113. It was 43 questions regarding team situations, as well as, many team scenarios. It took about 20 minutes to finish and below are the my strengths from my self-assessment. The Strengths You have good interpersonal skills You are able to effectively resolve conflict with teammates You are able to work with your team to resolve problems You are able to communicate effectively during teamwork You are skilled at planning and coordinating with teammates You enjoy working on a team…show more content…
I also felt that I could do any type of role needed for the team. I am not restricted on just doing one role or task, but many roles and tasks. I feel I am a great team member because I try to do my best to inspire myself and motivate others. I try to handle conflicts within a team. I try to be open minded regarding opinions and suggestions. I try to get everyone involved including the quite ones without intimidation. I feel I am also very good at organization, which I feel is very need when working in teams. It didn't show me any limitations or things I needed to work on. However, after taking the seld-assessment, I feel everyone has strengths and liminations. One limitation I can think of is that I am very detailed and organized and it can be frusrating when others are not the same way. Being on a team, deadlines must be met. Some I find let others pull the weight or could care less. I need to learn to manage my frustration and try my best to teach them why this is important and why they need to
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