My Personal Statement : Bijay Shrestha

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Personal Statement – Bijay Shrestha
Respected Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your time to read my application. I believe that having read my personal statement, you will have a clear picture of my development, enthusiasm, and experiences in physics.
Physics is a mathematical formulation and concepts that undeniably works. Being able to write down a handful equations on a piece of paper which explains as well as predicts the outcome of an observation is truly enchanting. This is what ignites aspiration and curiosity which led me to pursue a career in physics. Understanding the working mechanism of the universe is surely perplexing. However, this intricacy inspires me to behold the elegance of the physics. Furthermore, applying physics and …show more content…

Our MD simulation is carried out using GROMACS and the trajectories are visualized and also analyzed using VMD under Linux platform. We have performed a series of atomistic MD simulations to understand the dynamic and structural properties of the micelle formation. The ultimate goal of the study is to explore the plausibility of employing the self-assembly of a novel bolaamphiphilic molecule, called VECAR, as a drug-delivery system. A manuscript of the result is currently in preparation to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Currently, I am working on developing a coarse-grained force field of the VECAR molecule using VOTCA to be able to simulate much larger scale system composed of micelles interacting with a bilayer membrane in a reasonable computation time. In the spring 2017 semester, plan to write an undergraduate thesis summarizing my research results. On publishing the thesis, Upon the completion of the thesis, a distinction “Honor Research Scholar” would be awarded.
Participating in a research project for three years in a row, I have learned beyond the academic realm. The experiences of working in the lab and attending professional conferences have helped me believe that there is more to learn and motivate me to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real-world science. This research experience has given me a valuable insight into a life of a researcher, all the highs, and lows that come along as the research progresses. Moreover, I have been

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