My Personal Statement For My Children

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My thoughts are no longer on this here land my family lives on. The land that we rent and will never own, land that we will never be able to call our own. We are owners of nothing of importance. We own the wool on our backs and a dreadful table that wobbles, though my husband is a jack of all trades he has no time to make our home without inconvenience. I do my work by his side when it is needed and called for. I care for my children as I can but most of the time to the older children take care of the younger just so we can have clean clothes, and food to eat. I wonder what is out there that is more for me. Every day I worry how we will have milk for porridge the following day. My children cry out for food at times but other things must be taken care of such as the rent. We must keep a roof over their heads so they are not wet nor cold in the winter months. My husband is gone to his odd jobs before the sun comes up and does not step his torn and tattered shoes in the door sometimes until after supper is eaten and the sun is long disappeared. His hands are brown and hard from the hard work and little pay he receives to care for our family. Peasant men have such a hard life, they work themselves to death, in our towns there are only three men to every four women. I truly love him and chose him to make a family and a life together but I have always dreamt that we would have more. Such as the women of the upper-class. Oh how I long for a tunic of elaborate colorful fabric and…

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