My Personal Statement For My Fitness

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For online P.E. this year, my primary goals were to increase my overall fitness. I do not find the time to exercise frequently during the school year, so I wanted to develop a routine that was doable, enjoyable, and beneficial for my overall health. I set two goals: to increase the number of push-ups and sit-ups I can do in one set, and also to build up cardiorespiratory endurance (by training myself to run 5 miles in a single hour). As such, I chose exercises and activities that would help me achieve my goals. For my cardio activity, I chose to run on my treadmill for about an hour a couple days a week. For my strength activity, I chose to do pilates workout videos. I also used a workout app about once a week to add variety to both my strength and cardio routines. I fulfilled my additional choice activity requirement by hiking and playing pick-up games with my family and friends. I chose these activities because I believed that they would help me achieve my goals while also being enjoyable enough to keep me motivated. Overall, I am happy with my choices. While running on the treadmill may not sound like the most fun activity to do, I appreciated the consistency of running on a controllable treadmill. It was easy to judge my progress without the environment affecting my performance, like it would if I ran outside. Pilates is one of my favorite exercises to do, and probably the one I will continue the most into the school year. There are many different videos available

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