My Personal Statement : Justin Schultz

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My Past

My name is Justin Schultz I was born in Elmhurst which is a suburb of Chicago. Most of my child hood was spent playing with my friends and my brother. My brother was three years older than me and his name is Joey. My Dads side of the family all lived near us and my mom’s side of the family lived in Dubuque. We would visit my dad’s parents often and my mom’s parents would come up like once a month and because the water in Dubuque was good they would always bring a jug of water.

When I was three I moved to Dubuque because my dad got a job in Dubuque I lived at my grandparents’ house while my house was being built. I spent most of my time during this time playing with my friends I went to the pool with my neighbor Lauren we met because her dad build my house and we went to the same school and then my brother and her brother would get picked up and would go to the pool.

When I was 5 I went to Eisenhower elementary my teacher in kindergarten was Mrs. Herbst. All of my teachers were just ok but then in fourth grade I had an awesome teacher named Mrs. dune she gave us an extra recess and just gave us candy if we were good. She had us play with computers if we got are work done.

I used to but now

1. I used to ski but now I snowboard

2. I used to like football but now I like cross country

3. I used to like tomatoes but now I like salsa

4. I used to like to wake up early but know I sleep in

5. I used to watch sesame street but now I watch football

6. I used to like
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