My Personal Statement: My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Education

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Dictionaries define education as the act of imparting and acquiring knowledge where the powers of reasoning and judgement is developed in preparing oneself intellectually to face life. To most of us, education is commonly perceived in a narrower sense where one has to obtain outstanding academic qualification to gain success. However, I am of the opinion that education also encompases life-long experiences, knowledge and wisdom that an individual acquires at different stages of life.

Currently, I work as a teacher in a well-established International school. When I first set foot into this school, I thought that teaching and learning had to be the way I had learnt it, the traditional way - ‘teacher centred’; where the teacher was the gateway
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This has come to light especially in recent years as the government recognises that there is a lack of talent in the country. It was a challenge to many teachers as it was for me at the beginning. However, I quickly learnt, there are various approaches in handling such learners and it is an endless learning process on the part of the teacher as well as the learners. Passionate, I too took on the role of a learner - learning to understand, empathise and identify the learners’ needs to expound on their gifts and talents that will foster individuals who can think for themselves, work with others (supporting one another) and not afraid to take risks. I have taken into account the 4 general types of learners; Kinesthetic Learners (hands on), Auditory Learners (hearing), Visual Learners (visual aided) and Reading/Writing Learners (interacting with text) and am always mindful to plan a lesson that supports these varied learners in my classroom with a variety of activities suited to their learning abilities, so that they are able to acquire the skill, knowledge and understanding of the lesson comprehensively. I know it is vital that lessons are constantly engaging and challenging learners at all different levels. Although preparations of these lessons are demanding and overwhelming at times, I am pleased to have a fantastic success rate where learners are able to apply higher-order…show more content…
I believe that children and adults learn best when they have fun as the experience invigorates positive thoughts and creates good memories. Memories are impactful and will remain in their minds in contrary to the traditional method of learning where students listen and memorise their lessons. These old school practises should be abrogated. Learning should not only focus on excellent academic achievements but incorporate elements of social awareness and accountability as these form a well informed caring
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