My Personal Statement On Code Websites

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In addition to not asking questions , I did not talk to any of my teachers to communicate the fact that I needed help. I would sit in my classes and just listen to loads of information that my teachers were giving, not once did I bother to let them know that I needed help. I can remember the time I was sitting in a digital media course and the teacher was lecturing about coding websites. She was going go on and on about the different programs that could be used to code websites. As she spoke I wrote down some of the key words that she wrote on the board. When she was finished I had a page full of notes that read words like FLASH, PHP, CSC and HTML . Once she was done lecturing I read the notes I had written and I asked myself “ What the heck is this?” No matter how many times I read the definitions of the words I could not get an understanding of how that would help me complete a coded website. I stared helplessly at my notes and eventually became in a daze until a loud voice called my name “ DIAMOND JACKSON!” When I looked up from my page of notes I could see my teacher looking directly at me as she waved me over to her desk. Nervous and confused , I walked over to her desk and quietly said” Yes ?” She then looked at her computer then looked at me and said . “ I feel that we needed this one on one talk. This unit is tough and I know we may be going through it at a fast pace so I wanted to take this time to go over some things with you.” She then flipped her computer and let
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