My Personal Statement On Computer Science

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Engineers are problem solvers, and are driven by a curious mind and the instinct to know the How and Why of processes. My inquisitiveness is what has fuelled my academic career, and I hope it will be the trait that I can rest most of my future education too. I am keen to learn more in the field of Computer Science to further my career once I am geared with an extensive and wholesome knowledge base. After nearly 4 years working in this field, I have realized just how vast and pervasive its scope is, something I find exhilarating and motivating in light of the fact that I didn’t focus on Computer Science in my undergraduate career. I hope to learn more about the practical applications in this field to give me a sustained edge in my career.

I was a very committed chess player through school and till college. Chess was my outlet from traditional classroom studying, and my foray into the competitive world. I participated in multiple tournaments when I was in high school. It has come to my rescue multiple times. As a chess player, no matter what I put my mind to, I find myself thinking three steps ahead, assessing the landscape for compromises, anticipating the “opponent’s” moves, and strategizing to optimize my performance. I like to think of software development as a complex, multifaceted game of chess! It requires tact, precision, awareness, and absolute presence of mind. I graduated from Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) University in 2011 with a
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