My Personal Statement On Education

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I was raised by two hard working parents who instilled in me the value of higher education. My parents didn’t have the opportunity to pursue education. My mother finished high school in Mexico; but soon after graduating she began to work. On the other hand, my father wasn’t as lucky. In Guatemala education isn’t encouraged among families because the necessity of money is too great due to poverty. In my father’s case he began working when he was 7 years old causing him to only attend up to the second grade. All my father learned was that hard labor is necessary to provide for his family. My parents wish they had been given the opportunity to continue learning which is why they always emphasized the importance of education to my five…show more content…
I no longer felt bad but found myself resenting my father for being an alcoholic. I resented my father’s weakness to not be strong enough to control his addiction for the better of his family. I suddenly began to think of the peace I had felt when he got arrested because I no longer saw my dad’s aggressive alcoholic phases. I did not understand why he would comeback trying to pick fights with my mother or big sister Silvia. From that incident on my relationship with my father was broken.
My big sister Silvia helped me get through my father’s growing addiction throughout the years of my childhood growing up. She was the role model I needed and looked up too. Silvia was the one that potty trained me, helped calm me down when i was scared, helped me with school projects and more. I saw her focused in school by doing homework, joining sports, clubs and getting perfect grades. My sister’s routine is one I adopted into my own. It was a constant routine for us to do good in school in order to make our mom proud. To prove to her we would be different then my father and the Latino stereotypes. School was an escape to me because it helped me forget about my father’s problem. I joined sports and clubs to have an excuse to stay longer at school. I tried to avoid seeing my father because he would upset me and fill me up with hatred and resentment. The older I became the more hatred I felt towards him because I knew that if he wanted to he could stop but
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