My Personal Statement On Elementary Education

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I was home on leave after serving 15 months in Iraq, spending time with my family and connecting with people I haven’t seen in a while. My mother arranged for me to speak to my brother’s 3rd-grade class since they had written letters to me while I was deployed. It was something I felt that I owed since the letters were cheerful and really helped when I was over there. I was a bit nervous because I have never done something like this before, public speaking was not a strong suit of mine. While visiting with the students and answering questions I fell in love with being in the classroom. After finishing my commitment to the military, I continued my education and got my degree in Elementary Education. I am currently finishing up my 3rd year in teaching 2nd grade and love every minute of it. Critical thinking is something that should be taking place during every lesson. I engage my students in this higher level order thinking by asking multi-level questions that may have more than one answer. I also foster thoughtful discussions during out social learning lessons, such as encouraging healthy debate. Being able to communicate and elaborate their thinking is important. Because I teach at the primary level so sometimes in order to get students to engage in critical thinking, I have to model it through discussion or through work. In the discussion, I use various questioning strategies and use various introductory phrases in order get students to open up and reveal that they are
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