My Personal Statement On Engineering Management

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Name: Azam Simsim Date: 02/04/2015 Class: IEN 570 Engineering Management 1. What types of planning do you do in your personal life? My personal mission statement is: To be a philanthropist that pioneers people in my sphere. To be accomplishers, supportive, and giving through being dedicated, faithful, and considerate To aim high in life you must have a guide plan to show you the path of success. My personal life goal is to become well-known businessman that adds values to my country, community, and family. The thing that can make all this happen is money. To insure well-paid job, you need proper education therefore, my short-term goal is to finish my masters’ degree in the united state, where you can get the best educational opportunity in the world. After that, I can go back to my country and apply everything I learned in a decent job with a good status until I become well trained and have a lot of experience. For my long-term plan, I would like to apply everything I learned and experienced in my own company where I’ll be the boss of my self and no one has control over me. By doing that, I can add value to my family by earning more money and help my family and maybe some needed friends financially to do better in life. Moreover, I can add value to my country by providing more jobs opportunities and to support many families who need it. Money now means power. If you have the power of money no one has control over you. However, you can do many good deeds to the less
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