My Personal Statement On Interracial Dating And The World

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A significant milestone in my psychological history is the absence of my biological father growing up. While my mother was pregnant and for a little time after giving birth, my parents were together but with the presence of my father’s addictions and mental health issues they separated. At the age of three, my mother remarried a white man and my siblings and I were now being raised in an interracial household. This change in my upbringing and surroundings left such a profound effect on my identity that I was no longer being raised in a traditional home environment. Also, the significance of being raised by someone of a different race impacted how I viewed myself, interracial dating and the world.
Not understanding the reasoning behind my father’s absence, I grew to identify another man as my father. Although there was the presence of a father figure, I still wondered why my biological father was not present in my life. His lack of presence contributed to my personal self-worth and identity and played an integral part in my willingness to develop meaningful relationships. Fear of abandonment has always in the back of my mind when developing personal relationships and therefore it became hard to be open up to others from of fear of being vulnerable. • Spiritual/Religious
Being raised in a Christian home, I attended church quasi-regularly up until the age of six. Church participation after the age of six became inconsistent, due to conflict in the church that required the…
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