My Personal Statement On My Career

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This class has overall been one of my favorite classes that I have taken over the past four years five years at DeSales. I learned more than I expected and have implemented some of these learned lessons towards simple excel calculations into my work at my job. For my chosen project, I decided to take a look at one of my hobbies. During my senior year I took a personal finance and discussed with one of my professors about my collection of trading cards. The result of this conversation, had me start thinking about the overall value of my collection for insurance purposes and if I ever sold the collection. After my undergrad was over, I decided to pick up some hobbies and one was to continue my interest in collecting Pokemon cards. When I has very young, Pokemon was my life and I spent most of my time after school playing the video games or collecting the cards. For a brief time in high school, I began to sell my cards and got out of Pokemon altogether. However, once college began, one method that helped me study was watching video game walkthroughs on YouTube. This lead to me watching more Pokemon videos and even into finding two Poketubers (those on YouTube who create videos related to Pokemon) who I follow daily. Some of their videos even had them opening up packs of Pokemon cards which fully got me back into Pokemon. Now that I have completed undergrad and have some more free time on my hands, I have picked up collecting Pokemon cards and as result of completing this
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