My Personal Statement On My Career Goals

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This program has taught me many things about myself. I have been able to analyze my personality, my tenacity, and my ability to be patient and how I am able to handle conflict not only in my classroom but also in my life. The virtues that I possess can influence my teaching style and how my students perceive my class and are able to function and achieve. It is important for my students to be successful and this is something that I must work hard to instill in my students. Success to me cannot be determined by one certain definition because I believe that a person has success when they are striving to become the best that they can be and they are at peace with where they are in their life. I do not believe that it is determined by economic status or position. I think in every individual that success can take on many different meanings. Success to one person may be being successful as a spouse or child and to another person it may mean achieving goals that they feel are important within the workplace. We are all different and are driven by different things. In order to be successful you must also knows your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where my strengths and weaknesses lie is something that everyone needs to know. It is helpful for me to see things that I can do to help myself in areas that I am not strong. This will help me as a teacher to work on areas that I avoid because they are not comfortable for me. It will help my students to know that we all need to be
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