My Personal Statement On My Experience

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Eager to see my SOL scores, I tore open the letter, as if an excited tiger would to its prey.
My name was clearly written on the top of the letter. Below my name, my SOL score, printed in black and white ink glared at me. Blackly staring at the letter, I rolled my eye back up to double check that the score was mine. It sure said my name on the paper and below my name was a category for my 6th grade math SOL. Still unconvinced that it was correctly mailed, I checked to see if my house address was correctly printed. Unsurprisingly, the mailman accurately delivered the mail to the correct house. All my information was correct. Unwillingly, I went back to my letter, which read ‘Pass Proficient.’
I was a few points away from ‘pass advanced’
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The only audible sound was my thumping heart and my hard-breathing mouth, trying to keep me alive. In this hall, the dim lights didn’t conceal my blushing cheeks, for my face was glowing, like Halloween pumpkin lanterns. Finally I whispered, “I got a Pass Proficient on my math SOL.”
Just as I had expected, their white teeth peeked out from their mouth, which instantly became a mocking laughter.
My other friends peacefully conversed in the classroom at the end of the hall, until they heard elephants rumbling down the hall. There were no elephants in my church; it was William and Grace racing to the classroom, like marathon runners who see the finish line. Even before they reached the double door, they already grabbed everyone’s attention. William, known for his loud mouth, informed them about my math SOL score. Afterwards, I noticed that my peers looked at me differently, each commenting and laughing.
The first time I wanted to run away from this world was 4 years ago when I was publicly humiliated by Grace and William. I never felt that bad about myself. I couldn’t manage my thoughts. Why are people judged by a grade? I knew all the materials and I was fully capable of getting a perfect score on the SOL; I just felt tired and exhausted that particular test day.
This incident aroused many interesting questions in my mind. But the real question is why does this grade really matter to me? It is not because my parents would be upset; certainly not because I
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