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I went through several stages of development as I transitioned from a TLC to a MLD and finally to a Data & Information Technology Director of Operations. When I entered the role, I was extremely charged by the work of bell hooks. My worthy aspiration was to coach to transgress because I am compelled to believe that education is a practice of freedom. To be plain, I envisioned a place where students and teachers are mutually empowered by each other and the experience. My first manager Robert France really pushed me to insert my sense of self and this charge into the center of my work. I honestly did not understand what this meant until a few weeks ago. However, I do remember him pushing me to be my authentic self. My management experience…show more content…
That said my summer experience as a TLC was very empowering and affirming. As I look back, I can remember how I embraced challenges and viewed them as an opportunity to build and apply the knowledge and skills that I developed as a Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools teacher. I think that it is important for me to note that the challenges during this first institute were primarily external factors stemming from instruction, data management and behavior management. As someone who was very confident in Elementary Education, this experiences presented little to no threat to my management or leadership capabilities. Moving along, my first week as an MTLD felt drastically different. Specifically, once I received my list of CMs, their statuses in the corps (1st/2nd year), and placement information (school/content areas) I immediately perceived gaps in my capabilities and questioned my credibility. From that moment, I knew that there would be obstacles as I attempted to live out my liberatory vision. During this establishment phase, I consciously owned the responsibility of producing results, which pushed me to self-identify opportunities for learning and development. In effect, I found myself in constant motion and working punishing hours to ensure that I supported and retained my corps members. My experience with fresh start and IZone schools taught me a lot about the
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