My Personal Statement On My Family

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The most influential people to have during a lifetime should have distinct characteristics. Those traits are essential to becoming a multifaceted person. My family has assisted in my growth and thought process over the years. It is a privilege to have such a group of knowledgeable individuals accessible to me. My family has given me the discernment of encouragement, financial management, and spirituality. My mother has always been supportive of all my endeavors. I was taught from an early age that I could achieve all of my desired goals. My intentions needed to be pure and a fresh perspective would be the key to success. The words "I cannot" were not allowed in our home. My mother set the template of diligence, determination, and…show more content…
Another distinctive trait a person should have in their inner circle is someone who is financially astute. Many stresses are related to money. Being financially stable can reduce the risk of you contracting a disease. Money allows you to enjoy life and take vacations and it gives you the opportunity to plan and achieve purchasing higher ticket items. (things such as houses and cars) My sisters played a major role in my understanding of finances. Some people are turned off by finances, credit reports, and debt. Through experience and schooling, my sisters have coached and their shared knowledge with me. They taught me how to save money and become debt free. Although I am still mastering these skills, I have managed to pay off a car a year early by applying the principles given to me. I have applied the knowledge to my finances and I have a diversified portfolio. The information I have obtained has also been discussed with my friends. This skill is a lifestyle discipline which some have never mastered. Learning this skill will help you manage your personal finances and is a great skill to add to your resume. It will also lower your chances of divorce. Over the years, finances have caused many marriages to dissolve. If you want a successful marriage, having a handle of your finances would be good for your union. It is best for you to expand your understanding of finances at an early age. If you have children, it is best to teach

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