My Personal Statement On My Family

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I believe that most if not all people are influenced by people and/or events in their past. This is especially true to me. I would not be who I am today without my family, experiences and relations that I have made throughout the years. Those influences also contribute to who they want to be and what they want to do in the future. From family to friends to culture to experiences, I believe that my past and present have and will deflect or project me into my future. My family has been a major part of my life by influencing key portions of my life. Financial issues, morals, responsibilities, and rudimentary lessons were just some of the things that my family taught me growing up. My family started out as an ordinary upper-middle class family that was doing well relative to the economy: 2-story house, 2 luxury cars, lavish and not-so lavish interior furniture composed our household for parents with 2 youths. Even though we had the opportunity to have all these luxuries, my father always told us to value money you made by spending wisely and with a conscious. But as most stories go, there is always a tragic turn. The 9/11 incident tragically changed our lives indirectly. The economy was in shambles, and as follows, my dad lost his job, lost the house, sold my mom’s car, sold the furniture, sold all my toy guns, and was forced to move into my aunt’s house. It struck my dad’s, wide-eyed, slightly pink, spit dribbled face while he continued to stare into a television monitor

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