My Personal Statement On My First Grade Teacher

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Growing up I really enjoyed writing and telling stories because it was something that I felt was a huge accomplishment. I came to the united states when I was four not knowing one word of english. Things changed when my first grade teacher noticed the effects that my linguistic incapability had on my schoolwork and on my self-esteem. This prompted him to invest time in understanding what hindered my ability to master the English language and ways to help me improve. After understanding my personal situation, Mr. Kyle took it upon himself to stay every day after school and provide me with the necessary assistance to refine these skills. Mr. Kyle tailored his ordinary teaching style to meet my specific needs. Through his innovative approaches he kept me engaged and motivated to learn something new each and every day. He incorporated media into my teachings and assigned entertaining homework assignments that involved the participation of my mother. For example, writing reflections on several SpongeBob episodes was by far one of the most entertaining homework assignments to this day. Doing these reflections allowed me to let go of the technicality of writing and just let my mind wander. Like Lynda Barry mentions in Two Questions, “ Stories happened in a way that did not involve much thinking. One line led to another until somehow they finished” (125). Over the course of one year my reading, writing, and verbal skills had flourished to a level that I never thought possible. My
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