My Personal Statement On My Life

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I just sit here and assault my brain by staring at a television screen all day trying to break into a virtual high security bank with my virtual weaponry and my virtual team of get-away drivers, security system hackers, and military level recon units. Doritos and Mountain Dew litter the area around me, and as a loading screen appears on the screen I scramble to shovel as much of those corn chips into my mouth before the next death match starts. My neck beard is grown to its fullest, and it smells like I have not even seen a shower in a month. I am a gamer. Many people will take one look at me and assume my life is a waste. To me, I am living the best I can. I have things that I enjoy doing, and even if it seen as wrong, I will not be afraid to continue perusing what makes me happy. Generally thought as a hobby for white males aged from the early teens to the early twenties, a gamer is usually limited to more than what it seems at first glance. While I as a writer do fit each of those characteristics, I know enough about the community of video gaming not to get my opinions in the way of what the reality of gamers are. Given any person, the chances are that they have played a video game in some way, shape or form. Not every person in the world has the same luxuries as each other, and this includes the luxury of video games. Often times, there is even a stereotype for “video games”. A video game is not limited to a console and a television screen. Video games are seen…

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