My Personal Statement On My Life

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I was sitting on my couch when my world fell apart. She sent me a text, They found out. I’m so sorry. I stared at the screen in disbelief. We had been so careful. No vague tweets, no pictures, hell, people thought that I was madly in love with Alex. It hadn’t been enough. Knowing that I shouldn’t, I picked up my laptop to see how bad it was. All over the internet I saw pictures exposing my relationship. Outing me. There had always been rumors about my sexuality. Comments on instagram pictures about how ‘gay’ I was. It was all just speculation. When I was younger I figured that I could keep it a secret. During high school I tried to date guys to convince my parents (and truthfully myself) that I was straight. Fortunately, I was always …show more content…

“He’s okay I guess.” “You guess!?” Lauren pretended to be shocked. “The hotness of Edward Cullin is not something that can be guessed about! It’s obvious to every female in the world.” Meekly, I choked out, “Not gay girls.” Then I collapsed into a pile of tears. Not expecting the conversation to go this way, Amy and Lauren froze for a second, before jumping onto my bed to hold me. “I’m sorry.” I said. “I just haven’t told anyone, and it’s been killing me. And I know I’ m not supposed to be gay, and I know that it’s a sin, but even if God hates me, I can’t keep hating myself.” I started sobbing hysterically. “Oh Tobin. Nobody hates you. It’s okay.” Lauren pulled me closer. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours before we were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Nobody’s here!” Amy yelled. “I don’t want to yell at you through the door.” It was Christie in the hall. Amy looked at me, and I nodded, giving her permission to open the door, while sitting up and drying my eyes. She walked the few feet to the door as slowly as possible, giving me precious extra seconds to look like I hadn’t been bawling my eyes out. Lauren stuck by me side, one arm wrapped tight around me as I cradled my knees to my body. Amy opened the door halfway, and stood at the opening, shielding me from Christie. Christie seemed to sense that there was something wrong, and tried to peer around Amy to see what

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