My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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Introduction: Certain people like to talk about themselves, many are indifferent, and some fear the attention and would rather be left alone. For me, It is easy to talk about myself. I am comfortable with who I am; and I am confident that I will become who I want to be. In the future I plan to become a standing figure in the business community. It is arrogant of me to believe I will start at the top. I know that it will take time and handwork to achieve my goal. I am not afraid of the challenges that are to come; and I am ready for the obstacles that lay ahead. Luckily I have a strong base to guide me through my journey. My family and friends are understanding of my aspirations and support my endeavors.They share the same values i do and respect my intentions. For now Im pursuing my vision one step at a time. Furthering my education is my next step however, My time at college has been a wake up call. Presented with college level curriculum with little time to adjust has forced me to adapt to the stress. I believe that each obstacle I overcome will put me one step closer to my goal. The purpose of this essay is to discuss and explain my mission to become a positive influence on society, while reflecting on the strengths/values that will help me succeed. Personal mission: A personal mission is a goal that one day you would like to accomplish. Whether that goal is to become wealthy, handsome, or inspire world peace: all goals are instrumental to an individual. Personally,

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