My Personal Statement On My Life

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That day I chose to stay and support this woman in birth rather than pick my son up school and take him to the fair. Instead, my husband picked him up from After School Care at 6pm and took him to the fair. I got home that night following this particularly long shift to find my son laying on the floor by the front door waiting for me. I will never know if I made the right decision or the wrong decision but I feel guilty. This situation was also an inconvenience for my husband as he had to leave work early at short notice to pick our son up from school. This memory plays on my mind and I feel like I put the needs of the woman and my academic needs before the needs of my 8 year old son and my husband. I also felt that my mental health suffered during the time I studied this course. As I have mentioned, I found the commitment exhausting and overwhelming. I found this more so in the second semester of my three semester course. During the second semester I was following up to 12 active Continuity of Care Experience women at one time. During this time there was an overlap of Continuity of Care Experience women from each semester – women due in late semester one where still to birth or were in the six week postpartum period, women due in semester two were attending antenatal appointments, birthing and attending postnatal appointments and I had begun recruiting women for semester three during my clinical placement in the antenatal clinic. At this same time I was also attending

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