My Personal Statement On My Life

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I would consider myself a fortunate person, especially when it comes to the dear relationships I have in my life. I am an only child, and I have always been extremely close to my parents. My father is one of my best friends and greatest supporters. The majority of the people I encounter always remark on how I am the spitting image of my mother, but those who talk to me long enough realize that I have the same mannerisms and ways of my father. My parents have always been encouraging of me pursuing my dreams since I can remember. My parents have made so many sacrifices in order to provide for my future. When I was a child, I would change my future occupation almost as frequently as I would change my outfit. One day I decided I would be an…show more content…
Being from a small town, the majority of the population I would say identifies themselves as conservative. My family was no exception, my family values were conservative in nature, however my parents allowed me the opportunity to explore and establish my own views as I was growing up. My family’s socioeconomic status has always been upper middle class. I never had to worry about going without a meal, or not having a place to sleep at night. I was always well provided for, and I began to notice in elementary school that there were some students who were not able to say the same thing. At my elementary school, we had this snack cart that would come around every afternoon with all of the junk food of your choice available, and I always could not wait to spend the $5 that my parents would give me each day before school. I began to notice that there were a few kids in my class that never had money to spend on snack, and I began to feel guilty that I had so much when others were not so fortunate. That day I decided I would start to share my money with others in my class so they could enjoy the snack cart just like I was able to. To make a long story short, my teacher found out about what I was doing and called my parents, because it was against school policy and informed them that I would no longer be able to share my snack money with other students. My parents were not in the slightest way angry like I expected them to
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