My Personal Statement On My Life

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Sitting at my desk on a Monday afternoon, I’ve suddenly become very aware of how loud I’m tapping on my keyboard. Typing up my weekly summary should have held all my focus but instead my mind got caught in the thought of “What if?”. What if I took the risk of quitting my job to go pursue what I really wanted to do? At the time I quickly waved the concept off of my mind because I did not know that it was an actual possibility. But no matter the effort of blocking the thought, the same recurring question kept prying open my curiosity. I used to be a firm believer of finding a career that connects with your own passions and values, yet the twists of life can lead a person to abandon those dreams in order to be able to provide for themselves and their families. I am one of the lucky individuals who found support within my family to pursue what I really want. For me that dream is to one day establish my own business that helps bring exposure to the foods and culture of my birthplace. Starting a business to me is freedom, the freedom to make your own decisions. I personally believe that business can have a different purpose other than capital gain, business holds the power of being able to affect positive change within your community in a field where you are most passionate. An education that will help me achieve my goals of opening up a community business is beyond valuable: it is something that can help me make wise decisions that will equip me with the right knowledge to be

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