My Personal Statement On My Life

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1. First of all, I was really happy that the sales person has interacted with me using open-ended question to let me explain him what I was looking for. I would describe myself as a shy person and it is hard for me to ask for help. I was searching for an assistance in the crowd and the sales person has noticed me within a minute. As I mentioned, he has encouraged me do disclose my functional need estate and purpose of coming here and did not not offer me anything that they have to sell preferably.
2. Secondly as he heard that I am looking for either TV screen or monitor for gaming purposes he has identified my personality by asking closed-end questions like am I a student and what is my budget. His background investigation helped him better understand my demands.
3. Since my console means a lot to me and when I said that I am looking for TV or monitor specifically for Xbox one I started do describe my favorite games and online stream channels, the sales person has used a tactical question in order to get back for my specific purpose of coming and did not offer me any new games and accessories for my Xbox one that they also have on sale.
4. His active listening skills and product knowledge allowed me do pick a decide between TV or monitor in a TV favor. He understood that I would like to play on big resolution screen and also watch steers. I also live with my girlfriend and I totally forget about that on a moment of purchase and I have thought that she might use the TV to…

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