My Personal Statement On My Life

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I entered my home after I dropped off my sons at camp and tossed my shoes off my feet, next to the dryer. This house was completely silent and I was left alone with my thoughts that nobody else could figure out but me. I went into my office and sat down in my chair, I came in here whenever I truly needed to think and today was one of those days. I needed to think and sort things out in my own head as to what was going on in my life and how I could take steps to move forward. “Hello” I heard as I sat back in my chair. I leaned up and in an instant I heard my doorbell ring. I stood up and made my way to the front door. I looked out the door and saw Mrs. Toy who had arrived on time for the appointment she had set with me earlier on today. I had completely forgotten that I told her that she could stop by and discuss her cheating husband. I’d been dealing with a being a cheater myself so maybe I would take the approach of getting inside of the cheater’s head to help them recognize their faults. I had practiced these kinds of conversations plenty of times with other married couples and even couples who were seeking to wed one another. I just never had the conversation with self. “Hello” I said as I opened the door to let her in. Mrs. Toy walked in and I shut the door behind her. I led her to my office where she turned completely around to examine the office. I watched as she played with long blonde hair and batted her ocean blue eyes at the pictures and degrees that hung on…

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