My Personal Statement On My Life

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And here I was in front of twenty five sets of eyes staring at me, judging my clothes , my hair, my facial expressions and of course my ability to demonstrate I’m capable of doing what I’m here to show them. How did I get here? I asked myself, I never thought I would be so brave as to do this, I never trusted myself or never imagined I would be in this place. As a classic disobedient teenager, I never took into consideration the importance of taking advantage of everything my parents could offer at the time nor did I care , I just wanted to do the minimum required so I didn’t have to hear my father nagging or maybe to satisfy them both. How little did I know, when most of my high school friends were taking languages classes after school, I preferred different activities. As I grew up I realized how wrong I was. By the end of high school, I knew what I wanted to do, however I took the easiest route and got into a university that I didn’t really wanted to go to. Shortly after finishing up high school, I met J, my best friend’s cousin. He was such a fascinating guy, he had traveled to many places, and had so many stories to share with me about his intercontinental experiences. His best talent was how much and how well we could narrate. I didn’t mind sitting with him for hours and just listen to his probably exaggerated anecdotes. I usually had to make sure drool wouldn 't come out of my mouth every time I would listen to him. One of his recommendations was for me to visit

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