My Personal Statement On My Life

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I am currently a sophomore attending Northwest Vista College and will be receiving my associate’s degree in applied science. My journey to obtain my associates has not been easy. Nevertheless, I am accomplishing my goal and over the moon to be doing so. I did not plan to get my associates, I had originally planned just to bypass it completely and move on to get a bachelor in biology, however my health had other plans in mind. My health complications forced me to change my perspective on my life and to reconstruct how I prioritized everything in my life.
My dream is to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology with the hope of attending medical school, and to become a bored certified dermatologist, but my dream did not always start out that way. In high school, I did not dream of going to college, it was not a big deal in my family. All my family wanted was for me to graduate high school and get into a trade school so I could start working as soon as possible. Nor did any councilors inspire me to try college either; I was not until I finished cosmetology school that I realized I wanted more. I felt as if all that I had accomplished was not enough for me and there had to be more to life than this, I wanted to help people on a bigger scale. Therefore, I ask a friend who was already in college to help me enroll.
The first two semesters of college were great I had a 4.0 GPA and was enrolling in honor societies. I could not have been more proud of myself for coming this far and doing

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