My Personal Statement On Self Image

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I believe there are a lot of things that contribute to my self-image. I also have an understanding that one thing that may make up my personal identity at this time, will not necessarily be a part of my personal identity at a later time. This concept seems perfectly normal to me because throughout life many interactions can come up, forcing us to reevaluate some aspects we consider in our self-image. Self-concept is defined as how someone sees themselves. There are a few different things that influence someone’s self-concept. Beliefs, values, and attitudes are the three main factors that tend to influence someone’s self-concept. One primary identity I consider a big part of my life is my gender. This is due to the fact that my gender makes up a big part of who I am, as well as there only being certain issues and struggles women face. Another primary identity I consider to be important to me at this time is my age. Although it isn’t something I consider every day, my age plays a big part in my life right now. I am a college student, which can have negative connotations associated with it. Looking into secondary identities, there are a few different aspects I can identify with. Working out, eating, and healthy mental health are a few secondary identities I associate with myself. I enjoy working out, it helps me feel just naturally better and also provides me with a way to get rid of my stress in a healthy way. A lot of my friends also work out, so on days I am feeling

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