My Personal Statement On Teaching And Teaching Essay

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SC1 Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of initiatives in student learning including the Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12 and the Assessment and Reporting Advice and the ability to implement curriculum programs consistent with their intent. My deep understanding of educational frameworks ensures that my students are provided with an equal opportunity to become successful 21st century, life-long learners. The major educational frameworks that I refer to, to inform and underpin my teaching practices are the Victorian Curriculum, the Principals of Learning and Teaching, the Blueprint of Education and the Assessment and Reporting Advice. The following key points outline how my informed teaching pedagogy creates an engaging, challenging, inclusive and supportive learning environment. As an educator, I am committed to adhering to the Victorian Curriculum in order to create a meaningful learning environment. On all of my placements, I have displayed my ability to refer to the curriculum when designing units and learning intentions. “Stephanie demonstrated a good knowledge of the curriculum and was able to successfully incorporate this into her planning and teaching” (Sara Tatter, Yarrambat Primary School mentor). As an effective teacher, I ensure that I not only refer to the ‘at level’ standards but also consider the standards that are ‘below’ and ‘above’ my year level. The information I gather from the curriculum informs me of where my students’ knowledge is
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