My Personal Statement On The Holy Ghost

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As I have attended institute this semester I have learned first-hand my Heavenly Father pays attention to my needs and gives me a customized gospel curriculum in life, even if it makes me feel like I am going to die. I have understood more about the depths of the pains of Christ’s atonement and how His power is the only strong enough to save me from my own corruption. My understanding of how the Holy Ghost teaches has helped me to know with a certainty that the priesthood has been restored through Joseph Smith.
How have you come to better know your Father in Heaven?
I realize that my Heavenly Father is more concerned about my personal development than appearances. He truly wants me and my heart. For too long I have held back parts of …show more content…

What has helped me to more fully understand and rely on Jesus Christ and His Atonement?
Recently, I have understood more about what it means to “lose [one’s] life” (Matthew 16:25). Since my health crash, I have realized that my motivation for most of my actions have been to avoid pain. I wanted to improve things in my family to “avoid the nagging of my wife,” as I told one of my mentors, a temple sealer. He told me, “Brian, that’s fine your motivation is where it’s at; however, the Lord intends you to serve and love your wife as the Savior does. Charity is the deepest and purest motivation for keeping God’s commandments. Brian, it’s okay if that’s what gets you started. I would encourage you to seek deeper motivations through greater gratitude and charity from your Heavenly Father. Your blessings and enjoyment of those blessings from our Heavenly Father depends much upon the ‘WHY’ of your obedience. Is your heart at war? Or is your Heart at peace as you serve others? I know you’ll do great. I believe in you.”
To implement what he advised I have intentionally asked Heavenly Father to help me see the afflictions that others are enduring or have endured. “Please, show me the afflictions of others!” I would plead. As he has shown me the sufferings of others I am able to focus the gift from God, to comfort the afflicted, to lose myself in His service. My 3rd child, Samuel, was born this semester. I have learned to focus my attention on the challenges my wife

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