My Personal Story of Tragedy in the Family

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It was a bright sunny day with a little of winter coldness in the air, like any other year my family and I were preparing the festivities to welcome the New Year. Our house was filled with the cheerfulness and surprises that this holiday brings, and as the time came close, we gathered around the dinner table to begin the countdown. When the clock stroke 12’olck, my relatives began to hug and wish each other a happy new year, and little did I know that at three twenty-five our cheerfulness would disappear and be replaced with sorrow. That night when we retired to our bedrooms, I fell into a profound sleep with no worries in my mind. I heard the phone ring and nothing else but a scream, a scream so powerful full of pain that my heart ached. It all felt so real, but after a while I heard no noise or movement, and fell back to sleep. I was awakened by a cry, I rolled over to my back and looked up, and there at the foot of my bed I saw my mother. Her voice was trembling when she spoke the words “Honey, your tita passed away this morning”. It was as if rain had fallen upon me when she had told me and all my feelings were gathered and thrown in a hurricane causing major disaster inside of me. I hugged her and let her musty tears stream down on my shirt, I needed to stay strong although it hurt inside, but I had to for my mom. Just when my tears were beginning to fall she got up wiped her tears away and said “Get ready for church”. I did as she told me too and while getting ready
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