My Personal Taste With The Battle Of The Titans

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Max Eunice Aliso Viejo Middle School English Acc Summer HW 1. The twelve Olympians gained power of the universe by going to war with the titans, the Olympians overthrew the titans and won the war, expelling the titans to the underworld. The victors then proceeded to settle into mount Olympus. 2. My personal taste aligns most with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The reason being is that I love the life that I have, every last bit of it; however, it wasn 't always that way. In sixth grade, I was figuring out who I am, and who I love, my life wasn 't what I wanted it to be. My so called “friends” all of a sudden vanished, and I was alone. By myself. So I forgot about them, your not a real human if you can 't accept someone for who they are. Flash forward to today, I have fabulous friends, and while there will always be haters, I have a support system, and have made support systems for kids going through exactly what I was going through. 3. The reason for the cruelty that the gods demonstrated are because they are selfish, self-centered, and only think for themselves, like a dysfunctional family. The myth of Prometheus has multiple examples, for example, the gods torturing Prometheus for stealing the fire that was given to the humans to get them off their back. The gods’ actions are certainly unjustified because of their values. The myth makers perceived powerful people as dictators who abuse their power, so they created the gods to be mean and unjust. 4. One of my favorite

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