My Personal Theory As A Self Based Learning

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Do we ask ourselves why we go to school everyday? Why we must be educated? Why we are learning? The answers are clearly understandable because everyone has his/her own particular reason. One person would like to get a job; one would like to come up with something new; another would like to invent something that has not existed before. Simply, no one can accept being without a job or an education. I would introduce my personal theory as a Self-Based-Learning (SBL), which is a pedagogical learning theory that occurs personally by someone who is able to synthesize a group of actions that can help him/her to learn naturally. Learning on your own can happen by focusing on three approaches of theories that are problem-based learning, constructivism theory, and self-directed learning. The SBL theory can influence society, human performance, and education. The learner will be the center of knowledge that will interact with multiple aids that assist him/her to become an expert or inventor. Those aids are informal learning, formal learning, and collective learning. The SBL theory will take place under instructor/teacher supervision in order to keep the learners on track. Furthermore, the teacher should aim and motivate the learners’ achievements, performance and outcomes. Self-based learning is a strategy supported by multiple learning theories; each one of these theories should be interpreted to clarify the concepts of my personal theory, which is self-based learning strategy.
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