My Personal Theory Of Leadership

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My Personal Theory of Leadership As a graduate student approaching her final semester in school, thoughts regarding my leadership abilities in the soon-to-be “real world” have occupied my mind lately. To further explore and develop my ideas about leadership, I decided to develop my personal leadership theory. So, I asked myself the following questions: What makes a successful leader? How do you recognize a leader when you meet one?, and lastly, what is my theory of leadership? With this last question I thought about what leadership meant to me personally and how I personified it in a role of authority. While I had given thought to how I led, I had rarely taken the time to fully understand what my personal leadership theory entailed. Throughout the length of this paper I will analyze how my leadership skills, traits, values and elements from both Authentic Transformational theories help me to shape my leadership philosophy. In doing so I hope to define the leadership values that influence the way I view and practice leadership.
My Leadership Philosophy In shaping my personal theory, I sought out my own definition of leadership. To do this, reflected on some of the leaders I admired such as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Indira Gandhi, and Mahatma Gandhi, Why did I admire them? Were there any shared qualities they possessed? What I noticed with many of these leaders was their selflessness, their strong ethics and their ability to bring
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